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05/04/09 - Crappy imitations Fanarts section up!

Currently on a break now, just finish my work contract. Hopefully I'll be as productive as today and actually do something useful. I swear FB is sucking the life out of me.

Anyhow, I've finally put up the fanarts section which consist of those already on my comp. Sometimes I feel like dying of the embarrassment of this so called 'art', but I also wanna learn from past mistakes (and this would help to see how much I've progressed, if any). So if anyone has a tip, please tell me 8D

I've also uploaded a new wallpaper: Altivolus, which was a nightmare to do, partly cause the weather was hot and the tablet was even hotter. Comments and criticism are much appreciated.

01/03/09 - Procrastinate now, don't put it off.

So I was 'suppose' to be doing the tributes stuff but I procrastinated from since the day the whole damn idea was born, and it is still as empty as it was 8D; Anyway, DOUBT by Tonogai Yoshiki has ended already, and though my favourite character died, but the ending was still climatic enough 8Dd I'm still thinking whether I should do a shrine for it .___. (Seriously it's too much effort, but it was a great read...)

Anyway, because I haven't updated this site for in a very long while, I decided to do another layout: Over The Rainbow. Hopefully the feelings came out as intended.

25/11/08 - I'M ALIVE!

I've survived A levels!

Currently, I'm slacking off, but I'll try to work on the Tributes stuff. I've decided I should just house them under a different place to make things a little more organise. I'll probably start on the layout today, hopefully I can finish by next week and then start on Ainsel's Tribute. But I've got my prom to prepare for (and I'm still desperately looking for a Christmas Tree dress, in which my sis says it's ridiculous >_>), and then I haven't done anything for Infinite Trust and uverORG upcoming 3rd anniversary, darn. There is also the DOUBT shrine that I'm thinking of doing. Tha layout is roughly done (kinda plain though), but I'm too lazy with the content.

Fanlistings wise, I've closed Chess no Koma and Ayuhizu after losing both databases, so I'm now left with Shamrock and TakuNobu FL.




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